If you would like to work with a selection of clays there are courses for you from a 2 day intermediary mixed medium to full metal clay certification.

These range from 2 days to 6 days. They can be intensive or spread over time from 2x3 days or 3h fortnightly evening courses. We have special project days using mixed metal clays as well as private tuition.

On these mixed clay courses you get the opportunity of working with silver, bronze, copper, sterling and other varieties of these clays. PMC Studio France aims to help students as much as possible when starting to work with these clays. We use some of the main brands including Prometheus, Meteor, Hadar, Metal Clay Mania, Art clay and PMC.

We do advise students to have some experience with working with metal clay before booking mixed clay courses.

As this is a relatively new material exciting new developments are occurring regularly hence keep a look out for additional new courses and follow our blog to keep up to date.

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