Would you like to teach PMC, Art Clay or Metal Clay?

For those are serious about becoming PMC instructors they would be advised to take the full PMC Specialist certification programme followed by the 2 day teacher training course.

Before running your own courses it is important to really feel comfortable working with PMC. Take time to gain experience so that when you run your first course it will be an enjoyable experience and not a stressful one. Please contact PMC Studio France for information on how to get started.

For those wishing to teach the Art Clay certification programme they will need to complete L1 and L2 certification and later, after gaining some experience, submit 3 prescribed pieces for evaluation. We would also recommend taking the extra 3 day preparation course (although this is not obligatory) in order to really gain an understanding of all the techniques used in training programmes. The 2 day teacher training course will help those with no previous teaching experience or those who wish to improve/refresh their teaching skills.

For those wishing to become Metal Clay instructors we would advise taking the full Metal Clay certification programme and really gain experience using all of the clays then take the 2 day teacher training course. The base metals can be a little unpredictable so experience is really essential. You would be advised to begin teaching the silver clays and when confident move on to the base metal clays (bronze and copper):

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