If you want to develop your skills further, the certification program is the next step for you. On completion it will equip you with the skills to create amazingly intricate pieces for your own pleasure or as a new career. You can choose between PMC, Art clay or metal clay certification.

These courses are split into modules/levels and are run throughout the year (Monday to Wednesday). If you prefer to complete your course in one visit, please contact us. We also offer rolling certification and distance learning programmes.

There are some differences between each of the courses but they have been carefully designed to achieve the high standards required for successful completion of each certification program. Art clay level 1 and 2 are equivalent to PMC instructor level/metal clay instructor level. The only real difference is the choice of clay used. Where bronze is chosen some adaptations may have to be made within projects because of the differences between precious and base metals.

The PMC specialist certification program is the most comprehensive having an extra 3 days training covering 8 additional techniques and skills not currently included in the Art Clay certification programme. 

Which certification program should I choose?

If you have a preference for a brand of clay choose the certification using that clay

If you have no experience using metal clays then we suggest you choose a fine silver (PMC or Art clay) program.

Whichever course you choose they cover similar projects and cost around the same. Cross-over courses are available if you choose to change clays.

Choose your preferred metal clay

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