If you would like to work with Bronze clay you have a selection of courses to choose from. In the last few years there has been a huge increase in the development of Bronze clays. Now there are several brands on the market which are all slightly different to work with. Some come in the form of ready to use clay and others are in a powder form with slightly different binders and particle sizes. They often give varying instructions for firing and this can be quite confusing when starting to work with these clays. As bronze clay is so new progress is being made all the time hence changes occur regularly.

PMC Studio France aims to help students as much as possible when starting to work with bronze clays. We use some of the main brands including Prometheus, Meteor, Hadar, Metal Clay Mania.

We choose the clays that we believe work best for the type of course and project at that time.

We offer beginner’s 2 day introductory courses to more advanced courses where such techniques as mokume gane and inlay are introduced.

Students may like to choose the certification programme which includes a selection of bronze, copper and silver clays. This is a 6 day course.

As this is a relatively new material exciting new developments are occurring regularly hence keep a look out for additional new courses and follow our blog to keep up to date.

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