If you would like to work with Art Clay you have a wide choice of courses to choose from. The most widely used Art Clay silver is the Art Clay 650. Similar to PMC 3 it can be fired at a lower temperature which means that it can easily be used with materials such as glass and ceramics.

Other forms include 650 slow dry, 650 paste, 650 syringe, 650 Overlay silver paste, oil paste, paper type, syringe, Art Clay standard series and Art Clay gold. They all have different working and firing schedules.

The Art clay forms are used in the introductory and certification programmes. During the Level 1 and level 2 certification programme other materials will also be introduced with Art Clay such as glass, stones, and gold foil.

You may choose courses from ½ day, 1 day, up to a total of 6 days for the certification level 1 and level 2. The 6 days can be spread over 2x3 days, fortnightly 3h evening classes, or for those who struggle to get away can complete a distance learning programme and take a 2 day validation course on completion of all the projects.

If you wish to use other clays cross-over courses are available.

As this is a relatively new material exciting new developments are occurring regularly hence keep a look out for additional new courses and follow our blog to keep up to date.

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